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When we enable STRONG pathways at STRONG employers at-scale, we create exponential opportunities for STRONG military talent to explore and opt into.

This is the OPPORTUNITY in 2023.

Employers need strong talent. It's simply a business imperative.  They now recognize the strength & diversity of military talent & they are eager to engage and open military-relevant employment pathways.  The question they now have is "but HOW do we do it?"

Certainly employers (those with the jobs!) are critical toward outcomes. 

Upskilling, reskilling & educational pathways are also important to workforce development outcomes. Given the amazing Education benefits available to the military community, Higher Ed/Training partners are certainly important toward workforce outcomes. 
Want to join our network of collaborating Higher Ed partners?  There is no fee thanks to our Employer sponsors.
Join us for 50strong IndustryConnect, a series of events focused on enabling Industry Partners. 

➡️ INFO SHARING & NETWORKING for the INDUSTRY PARTNERS that are asking "How do it do it?"

➡️ INDUSTRY-LED topics featuring thought-leading speakers eager to share their insights, lesson learned & best practices.

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Mar 10
DoL Apprenticeships

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Nov 15
Workforce Outcomes for Military-Affliated Students

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Jan 27
DoD SkillBridge

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Dec 9
DoD SkillBridge: Best Practices, Latest News

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