Amazon Military: Weekly Engagement Opps

Did you know that Amazon is a presenting sponsor for 50strong EmployerConnect and the new 50strong SkillBridgeConnect? Yep, they are leading in engagement and we are honored to collaborate with the team.

Is Amazon the right fit for you? YES? NO? NOT SURE? Pls consider joining an upcoming Amazon Military webinar regardless. 🤩. Every Thursday. Check it out.


Here's why:

💥The Amazon Military Affairs team is offering you an easy virtual, opt-in opportunity nearly every week that will give you insight that you can leverage for ANY JOB SEARCH WITH ANY COMPANY.

💥Amazon knows that the military trains amazing talent.

💥They want your skills & have options for all branches/ranks.

💥Importantly, they are opening CLEAR PATHWAYS & DIALOGUE to make this a reality.

▶️Pls take advantage of opportunities like this; the exposure alone may give you the nugget you need to CHART YOUR COURSE.

*BTW - If landing one of Amazon's ~20k open roles IS your goal, attending these sessions + asking thoughtful questions during the chat can play a critical role to the process of getting to know the Amazon culture, the hiring process, interview tips & networking with the right folks.* 🤗

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