Referrals: Make it an easy YES!

ah, asking for a REFERRAL. We know it's important. Ever deconstructed HOW to do it successfully?

As part of 50strong EmployerConnect, Kevin Whirity, Mil/Vet Talent Acquisition Lead at Deloitte, shared about 4 key pathways into military-ready companies as part of "Demystifying the (Civilian) Recruiting Process".

(IMHO: this is FOUNDATIONAL understanding that every transitioning service member or student vet should have.)

One of those is the REFERRAL. But how do you get one? And when?

I took the opportunity to share an example of what I think is a really good referral ask - this is an actual one that I received & easily forwarded (this is key b/c we are all swamped!) that led to an interview & subsequent offer

The Referral Ask
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recently. And I think I offered the referral based on the effort I saw and our (virtual) relationship.

And then I tried to deconstruct it. Sharing a bit here - but you can catch the FULL REPLAY anytime on the 50strong website!

BTW - did the service member land an offer? No, but he did go through several interview rounds and I'm guessing learned a ton. And this is exactly why you can't fully rely on the referral - there is so much pre- and post-effort required (resume!), timing and other factors that are in play.