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Transitioning Service Members


Civilian Internships

"The DoD SkillBridge program is an opportunity for service members to gain valuable civilian work experience...

during the last 180 days of service."​


"For service members SkillBridge provides an invaluable chance to work and learn in civilian career areas.


For industry partners SkillBridge is an opportunity to access and leverage the world’s most highly trained and motivated workforce at NO COST."

Spring 2021 SkillBridgeConnect begins January 22!  

Join us to connect directly to leading employers offering DoD-authorized SkillBridge programs.

Service Members:

Join us to hear from experts how best to navigate your SkillBridge journey - then join us to meet directly with employers (all camera & mics on!) and move easily between breakout rooms.  All roles & employers will be shared prior to the event.



Want to hear best practices for others with leading DoD SkillBridge programs?

Service Member Resources

Service members, looking for DoD-authorized SkillBridge opportunities?  We want to help you open every door possible!

1.  Search "DoD SkillBridge" on LinkedIn Jobs.

2.  Search DoD SkillBridge website for all authorized programs.

3.  Check the BELOW listing of opportunities shared with 50strong by DoD-authorized employer partners.  (DoD-authorized programs - want your roles included in the list?  Please see under Employer Resources on a non-mobile device!)

4.  Participate in a 50strong SkillBridgeConnect multi-employer networking session!

These are SkillBridge opportunities that have been shared with 50strong by our employer partners that have DoD-authorized SkillBridge programs.

 Please refer to DoD SkillBridge website for a listing of all authorized providers and to each provider for full details.

Employer Resources



Interested in establishing your own DoD-authorized SkillBridge program & need some help determining how to get business alignment & set it up? 

Service Member 


Have a DoD-authorized SkillBridge program  & want some help connecting with service members & installations to build pipelines?



Not ready for your own program but interested in hosting an internship via 50strong or one of our partners?

Employers, interested in DoD SkillBridge participation?  


Join us to connect directly to experts that can offer their best practice approach for internal business alignment, DoD credentialing, service member outreach, approvals, etc. 


Our goals?  


  • To help our employers partners build smart & efficient military talent pipelines that are aligned to workforce needs by leveraging DoD SkillBridge. 

  • To help "normalize" DoD SkillBridge internships for Fortune 500 companies so that they become as commonplace as are university internships.

  • To enable small/mid-size companies to efficiently participate in DoD SkillBridge opportunities.

We offer services to support DoD SkillBridge utilization in three main areas:

Business Consulting

Want to establish your own DoD-authorized SkillBridge program?  Wonderful, 50strong wants to support your efforts!  Start by reviewing all employer info on the DoD SkillBridge website and submitting your interest.  Then consider attending one of our 50strong SkillBridgeConnect Q&A info sessions.  Need more dedicated consulting support for internal business alignment, program setup, DoD credentialing and best-practice collaboration with other employers?  50strong wants to help!  Please let us know below.


Service Member Outreach

Already have a DoD-authorized program and need some help with outreach?  Want your roles included in the list above?  Download this template, fill it out and email it to


Also we're kicking off a 50strong SkillBridgeConnect virtual networking/recruiting series soon!  These are multi-employer sessions and will be held either bi-weekly or monthly.  We have a "pilot" on Nov 4 and will leverage learning from this event to inform the 2021 50strong SkillBridgeConnect series. Interested in participating?  Let us know below!

Internship Collaboration

For those organizations that may not be ready or don't have the resources to establish their own SkillBridge program but are interested in hosting a SkillBridge intern, you have options!


We can help by getting you starting as a 50strong Intern program host:

  • 50strong works with our employer partners to identify SkillBridge-appropriate roles that provide high probability of long-term full-time employment opportunities post-military and sources candidates.

  • The employer partner screens, interviews & determines fit.

  • The employer partner hosts a 50strong SkillBridge intern in an environment that ensures significant exposure to civilian employment work experiences.  In an effort to drive maximum on-the-job exposure & experience, each SkillBridge-approved intern will work at the host employer 40 hours/week for 8-20 weeks.  ​

  • In order to ensure that each SkillBridge intern is career-ready and able to navigate their own civilian job searc, each 50strong SkillBridge intern is expected to participate in the 50strong EmployerConnect virtual training series, a series of 15 weekly virtual training & multi-employer recruitment sessions that combine industry exposure & career readiness with open employment opportunities at leading national employers.  

Or we can refer you to one of our partner 3rd-party SkillBridge internship placement partners if our bandwidth can't accommodate your timing!

Note:  50strong and DoD signed a Memorandum of Understanding for SkillBridge authorization in June 2020.  

Employers, want to connect?


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