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Finding a SkillBridge opportunity is much like finding full-time employment.  The reality is that NETWORKING is a critical part of the journey.  "Research shows that 70% of all jobs are not published publicly on jobs sites and as much as 80% of jobs are filled through personal and professional connections."

We also know that NETWORKING may be uncomfortable to those accustomed to military norms.  We want to make it easy.  

We host monthly events designed to help you build direct relationships with SkillBridge program leaders!  All service members & installation counselors are welcome! 

We work with SkillBridge program leaders who have many roles.  Each hosts a breakout room and all roles are pre-shared via 50strong SkillBridgeConnect.  You pick which SkillBridge providers to meet & all videos on for max relationship-building.  Join from wherever you are!

Always casual, easy & virtual.  

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December 15
Direct Networking

Coming Soon
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October 13
Direct Networking

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August 18
Direct Networking

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November 17
Direct Networking

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September 15
Direct Networking

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