A collaboration among employers, universities & strategic partners to provide career readiness & outreach opportunities for all military/veteran employment pathways!

All are welcome!

Navigating civilian employment can be complicated for those accustomed to military norms.


Sometimes a warm connection & direct exposure to industry can make a big difference for those navigating the 'brave, new world' of civilian employment, especially now.

Spring 2021

LIVE Thursdays 3EST/12PST* 

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Our EMPLOYER PARTNERS actively seek your skills & have resourced specific military-ready pathways.


Maybe one is a good fit for you, maybe not. 


Either way, the repetitive exposure helps to provide tools for your own job search.  


Our EDUCATION PARTNERS want to provide additional industry-driven career readiness for their military-affiliated students & all in our communities.


Featured HOT roles!!

Area Manager roles NATIONWIDE

for Student Vets graduating May 2019-Aug 2021.


Jan 28

Join us for our Spring Series kickoff! We'll all share tips & tricks for building virtual relationships with those that can help your career journey, including finding mentors, maximizing virtual events, leveraging LinkedIn & networking early with recruiters in a way that makes sense!

We'll also hear about employment pathways at these companies and how best to build relationships (virtually) with veterans in Amazon, Wells Fargo & TEKsystems - and all info is relevant to any employer


We'll also hear about Veterati, an easy way to do informational interviews & build relationships with those in industry with time aleady allocated!

Feb 18

There are so many avenues to get started in technology!  

Technology leaders (AWS!) have apprenticeship pathways, top IT staffer TEKsystems has training & contract work, and powerhouse companies like Costco & J.b. Hunt rely on technology to power their businesses.  

Join us to connect directly to their veterans in industry working hard to open & share new employment pathways for you to consider.  

Yes, they are all hiring today!

Mar 11

It's our kiddos' Spring Break - so no 50strong EmployerConnect this week.  Catch a replay (or two!) & we'll see you soon!

Mar 31 Special Edition


We've had lots of folks stationed in Europe joining our webcasts live (despite the very late evening time slot!) AND we've had lots of interest in direct networking events - SO we've decided to host a Special Edition EmployerConnect Networking event at 4pm CET (10am EST)!!  


This event will feature employer-led breakout rooms and all cameras/microphones on for maximum relationship-building!

These employers will share employment pathways for transitioning service members, veterans and Spouses!

Apr 15

Details & speakers coming soon!

May 6

Details & speakers coming soon!

Feb 4

Ever heard of or experienced the job application “black hole”?  Ever wondered when/how to leverage veteran recruiters vs campus recruiters vs 'experienced' recruiters?  The “process” to get into civilian companies is very different vs how the military recruits. Our guest will break it down simply to help us navigate based on learning from many companies - and no better person to help us than the Military Talent Lead at Deloitte while also sharing employment pathways!

Deloitte is multinational professional services organization with more than 300,000 professionals globally working to make an “impact that matters” for their clients around the world. Deloitte has been named “Most Attractive Employers”, “Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion”, “FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For” and “2020 Military Times Best for Vets: Employers”.  

Feb 25

The healthcare industry is critical. And you don't have to be a medical professional to meaningfully engage in this industry!

Join us to hear about wonderful military-ready employment pathways needed to support care - from research and product development, technology, operations, sales to all the functions needed to operate medical center and retail store functions!

Join us to hear directly from veterans in industry focused on mil/vet employment!


All are hiring!

Mar 18

TEKsystems is a leading provider of IT staffing, talent mgmt & services. Annually, they deploy +80k IT professionals at 6k global client sites, servicing 80% of Fortune 500.  AND TEK PLACED >3000 VETERANS into IT roles last year *AND* has TONS of IT roles to fill right now for sales, recruiting, biz ops, customer support, project mgmt + all IT areas!!  Really happy to have them as a key partner in our @50strong efforts.

Cushman & Wakefield is a leading GLOBAL REAL ESTATE SERVICES firm with +50,000 employees in +400 offices 

working together to achieve $7.8 BILLION revenue in 2020.  Thea team has 700+ jobs open right now across the U.S..

Join us to connect directly with these teams!

Apr 1

Join us to connect with Deloitte, a multinational professional services organization with more than 300k professionals working to make an “impact that matters” for their clients around the world!

Deloitte offers amazing mil/vet pathways, including new Salesforce Pathfinder training, the #1 in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform used by 97% of Fortune 100. 


This training provides technical & business training needed to become a data analyst, software developer, tech consultant, business analyst, project manager, etc - oh, and it's FREE & VIRTIUAL + designed to be completed alongside work/school over 20 weeks. 

Apr 22

No 50strong EmployerConnect this week.  Catch a replay & we'll see you soon!

Feb 11

Are you familiar with the B2B (Business-to-Business) industry?  These are companies that provide services to other companies so you may not be as familiar with their company names - but they represent a significant part of the US economy (~70% of companies with >500 employees are considered B2B).


Join us to explore companies that offer B2B services with roles in client services, project management, project implementation, analytics *AND* we'll talk about the importanoe of relationship-building & solution-focused business development.


We're excited to welcome Fortune 500 ADP as well as two smaller orgs that you may be less familiar with:  Numerator a tech-based market research provider to many Fortune 100 companies, and The PMO Squad, a small consulting shop focused on project management expertise. 

Mar 4

Amazon has NATIONWIDE employment pathways just for STUDENT VETERANS (ALL MAJORS!) that graduate anytime May 2019 through Aug 2021 OPEN RIGHT NOW!!

Join us to hear how you can leverage these pathways, part-time work, internships and early engagement now to help make sure your post-education outcomes are rock solid!


And thrilled to welcome Fortune #45 Procter & Gamble, a multinational consumer goods company with some of the most trusted & recognizable brands!

Mar 25

Join us to hear from Wells Fargo & Axon!

Of course, you know Wells Fargo - but do you know about ALL the Mil/Vet employment pathways & support their Military Talent team offers?  Join us to hear about some amazing open + upcoming opps!

You may not be as familiar with Axon - but they provide tech solutions for law enforcement professionals around the world - and you've probably heard of their brand Taser.

ICYDK, Axon has ~200 roles open right now across accounting/finance, HR, marketing, operations, IT, engineering, sales, etc.

Apr 8

Want to work at Amazon?  Don't want to work at Amazon?  Join us this week regardless!  Here's why:


Because the career readiness tips you'll hear will help to inform your journey at any company!

And because the Amazon Military team is leading our entire community with their employment pathways in support of mil/vet hiring!  Nearly 30,000 have already been hired and the team isn't stopping!


We'll be there along with the Amazon leads for DoD SkillBridge, AWS, MilSpouse programs - and so many wonderful individuals at Amazon working hard to support your career journey.  

Apr 29

Details & speakers coming soon!

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