“We want to provide exposure to military-seeking employers EARLY & OFTEN to support post-education employment for our students.  And we want to do it at scale.  Our partnership with 50strong makes this possible.”

Cody Nicholls

Assistant Dean of Students,

Military & Veteran Engagement

University of Arizona

“Immediate impact and direct access.  That’s the value we’ve seen in our partnership with 50strong.  This collaboration has also led us to explore how we can further support our military community via other workforce & engagement initiatives such as DoDSkillBridge.”

Jared Evans

Executive Director

Military & Veterans Initiatives

University of South Carolina

Christine Muncy

Associate Vice President

Career Services

American Public University System

"Helping to connect our students with potential future career opportunities is a key priority... By combining the service 50strong provides with AMU's personalized resume writing support, resources and coaching, we give our students a great way to connect with employers that are focused on veteran recruiting initiatives."  (Press release here)

Our EDUCATION PARTNERS are critical to 50strong efforts.  
Here's why:
  • Many of the ~200K service members that separate each year from active duty pursue full-time education, yet many campus recruiters aren't aware of military-specific pathways. Higher ed vet initiative leaders are therefore critical in their students' "extended" transition to civilian employment.  
  • Many service members are pursuing degrees & certificates while they are still on active duty. Awareness & championship of DoD SkillBridge opportunities can be critical.
  • Military Spouses are often leveraging dependent benefits.  Many of our employer partners actively resource MilSpouse employment pathways.  
  • Community colleges & universities can be engagement & upskilling hubs for ALL military families & employers in our communities.  


What Employers Are Saying About 50strong:

Military-ready employers are always hiring and eager to engage early and often to support the employment outcomes of all military-affiliated students!  


Want proof?  Check out this short video!!

“With the pace and continued growth within Amazon, we are continually looking to grow new pipelines of talent. Amazon’s Military Affairs team values the leadership and resiliency that Student Veterans possess and partnerships with organizations like the California Community College System are essential to our ability to engage with Veteran talent and keep pace with our growing demand.”

Beau Higgins, Amazon Global Military Affairs

 “Wells Fargo is a military-friendly employer; we recognize veterans and service members as a rich source of talent, experience, and hard-earned skills. Collaborating with 50strong has helped us extend our reach, particularly into the student veteran community, to share our military hiring programs and our meaningful career opportunities with veteran job seekers.”


Sean Passmore, Vice President of Military Talent at Wells Fargo

Do you serve, teach or train
military-affiliated students? 

Did you know that leading employers have military-specific pathways & military-dedicated recruiters?  

Want an easy way to help support your students' career readiness while also providing direct connects to
MANY military-ready employers?

Thanks to the support of our 2022 50strong EmployerConnect sponsors, we are honored to provide tools for you to leverage at no cost.

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