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When we enable STRONG pathways at STRONG employers, we create exponential opportunities for STRONG military talent to explore and opt into.

This is our collective OPPORTUNITY in 2023.

Employers need strong talent. It's simply a business imperative.  
The good news? Employers now recognize the strength & diversity & they are eager to hire military talent. 
The question they now have is "but HOW do we do it?"

check out these easy ways to work with us!


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Join an upcoming IndustryConnect event! Learn from leading employers how they are driving business results via Military Talent efforts. REPLAYS AVAILABLE 24/7! 


Check out info on DOD SkillBridge! How to participate, how to share roles, how to get started, what to know now, etc..


Are you with a DoD-authorized SkillBridge Partner? Share your SkillBridge opportunities in real-time & at city level with direct routing to your intake of choice.


Want to participate in SkillBridge but not (yet) authorized by DoD?

That's ok! We & our partners can help as 3rd party "facilitators"!


Are you seeking Military-Affiliated Students? Share your student opportunities via 50strong outreach with direct routing to your intake of choice.


Submit your interest to host a breakout room at a 50strong EmployerConnect networking event. This is an easy way to meet strong military talent.


Host an exclusive virtual event for your company on 50strong's platform! You bring the opportunities, we do the outreach for you & your team!


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We share there first & this is where we encourage strong military talent to hang out too!


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