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Developed by DoD, MilGears is a career readiness tool that analyzes a Service Member’s unique history (military duties & training, civilian education, apprenticeships) to provide customized recommendations for civilian occupations.  


MilGears enables Service Members to explore potential career pathways based on a specific credential, career goal, MOS, or personal interest areas and also provides near-term upskilling & education recommendations for workforce opportunities.  


We invite higher education providers to join this information session to consider applicability for academic advising or career counseling of military-affiliated students. 


Further, we invite military-seeking industry partners to join to consider applicability for talent hiring opportunities. 

50strong exists to support employers, education providers and government agencies in their efforts to open and accelerate strategic workforce pathways & engagement opportunities for service members, veterans & spouses.


We provide a broad range of services and engagement solutions to help organizations leverage this highly-skilled, diverse workforce segment.

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