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a military talent marketplace

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Employer partners, want to join our collaborative efforts toward a curated military-ready opportunity marketplace? 

Are you an employee of the Employer listed above?
Are you a designated point of contact for your organization's military talent efforts?
Are you authorized to share military talent opportunities on behalf of your organization?
Is your company or organization listed on the DoD SkillBridge website ( as an Authorized Organization?
I understand that the The Department of Defense and Service Departments do not endorse any company, sponsor, or their products or services.
I understand that 50strong does not represent the DoD SkillBridge office and that 50strong is not acting on behalf of the DoD SkillBridge office.
I agree to ensure the opportunities posted on this portal are accurate as possible, and reflect the open roles within my organization.
I request to share my opportunities for the following areas:

Thanks for your interest! We will be in touch soon. Issues?  Please submit your inquiry here.  

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