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Meet the Military Talent Team

This company loves hiring military.  this team is cool.  Here's how to reach them anytime. check out this groovy video. and the Yeti coolor.

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  • 1:1 video conversations for max engagement & screen sharing 

  • No long-term commitments; chat once or chat often

  • All mentors have been in industry 3+ years

  • All mentors employed by companies with strong Military/Veteran hiring efforts.

  • All mentors are part of their company's Military/Veteran Employee Resource Group

Schedule 1:1 Time with Military & Veteran Employees!
50strong is honored to collaborate with these John Deere employees that are eager to answer your questions about military transition, give tips on navigating civilian employment, provide feedback on your resume, answer questions about their "day in the work life", talk about their company culture - or anything else!


Don Francis

  • LinkedIn

Army Veteran

Facilities Manager

Tess Brown

  • LinkedIn

TN National Guard

Deal Desk Team Lead

Young Man

Albert Lee

  • LinkedIn

Marine Veteran

Facilities Manager

Ashley Jones

  • LinkedIn

Air Force Veteran

Finance Analyst

Woman with Patterned Shirt

Leona Davis

  • LinkedIn

Military Spouse

Operations Supervisor

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